Executive Board

Mike D'Elia jr

1st Assistant Chief
Joe Siverio

2nd Assistant Chief
Steve Mulholland

Captain Station 64
Joseph Sandstrom

Captain Station 65
David Wolf

Captain Station 66
Jason Wallace

Captain Station 67
Cameron McNeal

Captain Station 68
Mark Rios


Welcome to the
Official Lakewood Volunteer Fire Department's Website

Many people ask us: Why do we volunteer to become firefighters? What is the job really like?

We start by telling them that they would have to have spent countless hours of their own time sitting in a classroom or on the fire training ground to learn how to fight fire. We then tell them that they may be called to work on any day, any night, or any Holiday, while their friends are at home with their families and loved ones. We speak of the choking, strangling smoke they will encounter, the unbearable heat of a fire, the victims, and the terrible stench of death. We let them know that every time they are called to duty, they may never return.

After all that, we tell them that there are many rewards to being a firefighter. The happiness you see in the faces of a family whose home you just helped save, or the deep sense of satisfaction you get when you steal a life back from a terrible death. But nothing compares to the closeness and friendships that you have around the firehouses. The people you will work with are the most dedicated, wackiest bunch of people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing -- people who will complain and moan about anything and everything, but who will put their lives on the line 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We can only hope that what we tell these people gives them an insight into a firefighter's job, and they who ask us why, and all those who read this story choose to become one of....


If you would like to help us help each other, please download and print this form and mail it to the Firehouse you would like to join.

Welcome Aboard!